What is Hidden Cache on Android, And How to Clear It?

What is hidden cache on Android? Android devices are plagued by one issue that irritates the available storage area and appears to disappear over time. It’s impossible to reclaim them simply by deleting files and apps.

what is hidden cache on android

Precisely What Is Hidden Cache On Android?

Apps like YouTube, Spotify, or Reddit, constantly download a massive amount of data to serve the content you like. Because app designers are brilliant, they know some requires data repeatedly, such as image thumbnails. Hidden cache is locally inside a storage area. Developers program their apps to store them.

what is hidden cache on android

As its name implies, a cache is hidden from view whenever performing regular maintenance, so it’s simple to overlook. That’s bad news because its size tends to cultivate and grow. It becomes difficult or impossible to perform basic tasks, such as installing new apps, taking photos, or recording voice memos, until it takes up valuable storage space. To reclaim the storage space room taken by the Android cache that is concealed, you have to delete the content associated with the hidden store manually, and we explain how you can do just that in the next part of this short article.

What Is The Right Time To Clean Hidden Cache On Android?

You could be wondering how frequently you need to delete the cache on your browser and third-party apps on your device. The truth is that no response is correct to this question.

what is hidden cache on android

Because they should, it’s advisable to delete the app cache if you notice that one or more of your apps aren’t working. However, it will not delete the account information you’ve already entered into the software. If clearing the software cache doesn’t resolve the issue, you may have to decide to try an alternate approach.

What Cleans Hidden Cache On Android?

Learning how to clean hidden cache on Android isn’t tricky, but, as usual, there are multiple means to bake a cake.

To clean hidden cache at Android from Settings:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Select the software whose stock you wish to empty.
  • Touch Clear data.
  • Choose the Clear store to verify and option.what is hidden cache

You can repeat this action above for every single application whose cache you want to completely clean.

How To Clear App Cache Utilizing 3rd Party Applications

There are numerous ways to Clear App Cache on Android; it may either do it manually or can be precise for applications using CCleaner. For demonstration, we will be utilizing a free application, the Google Play Store, which most of us could use on our PC for the same task, named CCleaner. To begin with:ccleaner cache

  • Visit Google Play Store and Download CCleaner.
  • Open the application, click on the Start right here Button, and grant the permissions
  • Click on Start Scanning and wait for it to finish.
  • Then Click on Finish Cleaning. It will automatically do the task.

Using Files Go From Google

Files Go by Google may use a tremendous third-party application to clear what is hidden cache, on Android smartphones. It searches for apps you don’t use, clears App Cache, and frees memory. Other benefits of utilizing this application include Google’s Trust, Files Go additionally shows pictures that are duplicate big files, and more that occupy a large amount of space on your smartphone.files go cache

  • Open Files Go from Google.
  • Let the Basic Permissions for the App to Run.
  • Search for the option ‘junk’.
  • Choose Confirm and Clear. 
  • Please wait for the procedure to be complete; now, it will delete unwelcome App Cache from your smartphone.

You can carry out this technique using another application available on the Google Play Store on Android like Clear Cache, Cleaner Lite.

Using Clear Cache Cleaner Lite

Like Files Go from Google, this application is new and has been trending over the past and can also perform multiple functions, including Clearing Cache from applications. The application not only will clear the hidden cache but can also increase the rate by optimizing the RAM, clearing off the process that is running, having choices to save battery, cool down the CPU, and more. For that reason, let’s have a look at how to cache that is clear this application:cleaner lite

  • Open the Clear Cache, Cleaner Lite Application
  • In the bottom bar, Select Junk Cleaner.
  • Tap on Clean; here, it will show you the amount of Cache Memory.
  • Await the Process to Complete.

Reasons Why You Can’t Delete Your Cache

Whenever you take to erase your mobile browser’s cache and history, the browser could become unresponsive. Many folks have the skills to clear the hidden cache on Android or remove cookies/history. It’s not a certainty. People have reported that the browser retains the supply of the cookies. When force-quit the browser, it is the same.


This article clearly explains what is hidden cache on Android. And it also provides detail by detail instructions to assist you clear it whenever necessary. Considering that cleaning hidden cache information is undoubtedly one of several maintenance tasks Android users should regularly perform. You should manually delete unnecessary files, keep all apps and the Android system operating, and create backups.

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