Video Games don’t cause Violence | Here are 6 Reasons Why

Around 75% of kids from 2-17 play video games as of now. Video games account for most of the kids’ entertainment post-pandemic. The global video game industry is worth 195.65 billion $US and can rise to 326 billion $US by 2026.

Violent video games are generally considered responsible for mass shootings, increased bullying, and the mistreatment of women. Critics have argued that these games numb the players to violence as they reward players for violent simulations and teach them that violence is an acceptable way to resolve a conflict.

video games
Video Games

In contrast, game development companies advocate that most research on video games simulating violence is flawed. As per them, there is no relation between video games and social violence. Additionally, they argue that violent video games may additionally offer an outlet for these competitive reactions and might reduce crime.

This article provides you with 6 solid reasons why video games don’t cause violence.

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Reasons Why

Violent video games may additionally motivate aggression, no longer violence. Similarly, any competitive online game or hobby can also motivate aggression

Often when there is an occurrence of social violence, people turn to blame video games. But there are no evidences in studies that support video games cause violence. In general terms, violence refers to a physical act that hurts someone, whereas aggression is a broad term that refers to an angry or hostile state of mind or behavior. So, everything this is violent is competitive; however, vice-versa isn’t always feasible.


A study in ‘Psychology of Violence’ states that the competitive nature of video games gives rise to aggressive behavior, even if it is violence-free.

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Facts do not assist the claim that violent video games motivate violence

Millions of young minds play video games containing guns, fistfights, and blood, but only a fraction of them become violent. In today’s instances, ninety percent of young adults play videogames, so mentioning that a young man who devoted a violent crime additionally played a popular video game like Call of Duty, GTA, or any other is the same as stating that he wore shoes or clothing of a selected brand.

In addition, gun violence is much less widespread in countries having skyrocketing video game use or reputation. A study of 10 countries having the largest global video game markets doesn’t correlate with social violence and video games. And apart from the United States of America, the other nine have the lowest violent crime rates of the rest of the world.

Studies have proven that violent games can highly affect civic engagement and prosocial and humane behaviors.

As per different research, the guilt youngsters experience while playing violent video games turns into self-realization that leads to an increase in their prosocial behavior, benefiting others. It additionally confirmed that youths uncovered to violence in action games displayed extra prosocial behavior and civic engagement due to the team-orientated multiplayer options in a lot of these games.

Gamers understand the distinction between digital violence in the context of a sport and suitable behavior in real life

After the age of 5, youngsters can distinguish between virtuality and fact. And might inform the distinction between game violence and real-world violence. The players understand they’re into recreation. Kids See mythic violence all of the time, from films and books like the Harry Potter collection to cartoons like Bugs Bunny. And this capacity to distinguish between myth and truth prevents them from emulating such things in real existence.

digital violence
Digital Violence

Exposure to fantasy is important for kids as it helps them develop creative thinking. Also, this helps them to deal with situations and problems concerning them.

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Research claiming a causal link between video game violence and actual violence is flawed

Most studies have failed to follow children over long periods. Also, they have failed to control the factors such as family history or mental health that could result in violent tendencies. Those experiments regularly have human beings playing a sport for as low as ten mins, which isn’t always a consultant of ways video games are performed in actual life. It’s miles apart, and matching game simulations in experimental studies with how they are played in real life makes violent video games’ consequences on aggression vanish. Click here to find top 4 best brainstorming games to play!

Violent video games help in stress and anger release in the game, resulting in less actual-world aggression

In line with observation, 61.9% of boys performed to ‘assist me in loosening up, 47.8% due to the fact ‘it enables me to overlook my troubles,’ and 45.4% due to the fact ‘it allows me to get my anger out. It points out that the cathartic effects of video games have resulted in higher game sales, resulting in low crime rates. Thus, video games don’t cause violence. Instead, they are stress relievers.

stress reliever
Stress Reliever

Games make boys experience fantasies of strength and reputation. Boys also discover and grasp what they understand as exciting and practical environments but distinct from actual existence. Games assist them in working through angry feelings or relieving stress as social equipment. They’re replacements for complex and tumble play. Thus, we can say 

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