How To Pair/ Unpair Fire TV Remote Easily

The other day, I was at a friend’s place for Diwali. She said she got a fire tv set gifted recently but did not know how to pair it, and as someone who is not very technologically well versed, all the tutorials on the internet seemed too complex for her understanding. Me being the technological guru that I am (not really), I helped her set it up and thought it would be a great idea to write an easy-to-understand article on how to pair/ unpair Fire TV remote easily without much hassle!

Now for those of you who don’t know what a fire tv stick remote is, it is a device by Amazon that looks like a pen-drive, connects to your television’s HDMI port, and turns it into a smart tv! It also comes with a small remote. All the streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Hulu, and several others are automatically installed, and you can watch everything on the bigger screen. It’s like a more affordable and accessible way to have an intelligent television. The remote has a microphone that enables it to use Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. It does things like playing a song you like, telling you the weather, setting the alarm, and it can even change lights (if they’re the ones compatible with Alexa like Philips) or adjust the thermostat all on your command! 

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Various Versions Of This Device Are Available

Before looking at unpair Fire TV remote, here are the different versions of the device:

1. FIRE TV STICK: It’s the first model with all the necessary basic features and lets you stream all your applications but only in 1080p and not 4k, and has Dolby Atmos audio.


2. FIRE TV STICK LITE: This one is similar to a fire tv stick, except it has no Dolby Atmos audio and does not have volume control or power on/off buttons, which means you’ll be required to use your actual tv remote for those functions.

3. FIRE TV STICK 4K: This version lets you stream your favorite shows in 4K, which is the highest available resolution, but you’ll need a 4K television to use it. It also has the best audio, along with the Alexa voice remote.

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Steps To Pair A New Fire Stick Remote

Before looking at how to unpair Fire TV remote, let’s look at the steps of how to pair it:

You’ll find the following things in the box; fire stick, power adapter, micro-USB cable, two batteries, HDMI extension, and remote control.

  1. Plug the fire stick in the HDMI port of the television.
  2. Plug the cable in the fire stick.

pair firestick

Connect the line using a power outlet or a USB port in the television itself.

  1. Turn on your TV and change the source/input mode to the source your fire stick is in (HDM
  2. Put the batteries inside the fire stick remote.use new remote
  3. To pair the remote, press the lay/pause button once.

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Steps To Pair An Additional/Second Remote

  1. Open the home screen.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select “controllers and Bluetooth devices.”
  4. Press “Amazon fire tv remotes.”
  5. Select “add a new remote.”add new remote
  6. The device will automatically start searching for a new remote.
  7. Press down the home button for ten seconds.
  8. Press select using the old remote to pair the new remote. 

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Steps To Unpair Firetv Remote

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select “controllers and Bluetooth devices.”
  3. Then, select “amazon fire tv remotes.”fire tv remote
  4. Select the fire tv stick remote that you want to unpairunpair fire tv remote
  5. Finally, press the menu button on the “other” small and unpair.

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Using a fire TV stick is also super easy and convenient; I also believe it is a great way to make your TV into a smart one in a cheaper way. An essential thing that one should know is that buying a fire stick does not give you subscriptions to its applications, and you have to accept them separately. 

I think this device is a significant investment in a generation where streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu have so much content and relevance. 


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