Top 8 Trivia Board Games in 2023

There are several trivia board games that have superior balance and fairness, more replayability, and game designs that keep players interested. These are simple skill games that everybody may enjoy to the fullest. Additionally, they have the potential to be funny. Additionally, if you don’t mind taking on a more difficult challenge, you may add some strategy to your skills and slapstick.

trivia board games

Finding the pearls in a market flooded with inexpensive knockoff books might be more complex than answering the trickiest historical fact question. Therefore, I did the research for you. These are the top 8 trivia board games, which range from challenging to humorous to enjoyable for the whole family.

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Best 8 Trivia Board Games in the List:

  1. iKNOW
  2. Timeline
  3. Anomia
  4. Balderdash
  5. Wits and Wagers
  6. Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout
  7. Stay Cool
  8. Half Truth


In a category rife with flat text and lifeless artwork, iKNOW’s elegant minimalism stands out significantly. It’s utilized to keep track of the wagers and predictions that drive the game. You can opt to receive more or fewer hints for fewer or more points for every given question.



You have to decide right away how safely you want to play it. The issues multiply as everyone places bets on whether they believe others will correctly answer or not before responding with a response that may or may not be a bluff. Between these components, iKNOW balances a remarkable blend of cunning, strategy, and trivial knowledge.


This well-liked collection of card-ordering games combines speed and simplicity. You are dealt a hand of cards depicting historical occurrences based on the set, such as the renowned Inventions set or Discoveries, for example. Then, players take turns trying to get cards out of the way by arranging them in chronological order.

timelinie (1)

Few people can remember dates, but they can remember pictures and lists of instructions, so it’s a clever approach. That helps level the playing field and adds to education. Additionally, Timelines’ 15-minute or shorter session length allows you to cram a lot of learning—and enjoyment—into a small area.

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Combining concepts from several games is a productive design path. However, Anomia manages to make a ton of fun out of the unusual marriage of trivia and snap. Each participant keeps a close eye on the other as they flip through a stack of cards that each have a symbol and a trivial category on them.


It’s a frenzied dash to proclaim an example of the other’s category if two people reveal an identical sign. The winner receives the card, which displays another symbol and potential race. Every card flip, despite being quick and easy, is fraught with anxiety as everyone waits to identify a match and gain an advantage in the next trivia race.


Balderdash goes beyond the concept of a trivia board games since it functions best when participants are ignorant of the solutions. Players are tasked with filling in the blanks on each card, defining esoteric terms, and making educated guesses in response to strange questions.


Most of them are ridiculous for added comedy, such as inventing a movie based on a title that turns out to be about a businessman’s talking feet. The genuine response is then given out, and points are awarded to the players who managed to trick the most people. A potent concoction of humor, talent, and societal deception, it never fails to amuse.

Wits and Wagers

Wits and Wagers is a game that also depends on player ignorance and involves both betting and trivia. It confounds players with esoteric data, such as when they inquire about the age of the world’s oldest cat. Everyone jots down a response and then wagers on the answers they believe to be the most accurate.


Due to the addition of some simple mathematical techniques, it has become a party favorite among more ardent hobby players. Before the shocking revelation of the solution, tensions grow as the cards are dealt. In a game of Wits and Wagers, you can win or lose a significant sum of money, just as in real gambling, but you’re sure to have fun rather than risk your entire life’s savings.

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Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout

Mr. Lister, the Wild West quizmaster, asks for several responses to simple questions rather than one unique response to a challenging one. Due to its inclusivity and appeal to younger players, the game stands out for family play.

listers quiz

As a result, it makes for the ideal holiday entertainment, complete with a rubber mustache for comedic mime. Always amusing are fake mustaches. Additionally, there is more talent behind that mustache than initially meets the eye, as correctly sequencing your responses can prevent the opposing team from scoring. The cards also function in Wits and Wagers since ties are broken using the “closest to” answer to a numeric question.

Stay Cool

The goal of most trivia board games is to stump you, but Stay Cool’s combination of chores and questions is child’s play. You may be questioned about some basic math, the game you’re playing, or even something private like your maternal grandfather’s line of work.

stay cool

What about the game or the stress? The catch is that you must simultaneously respond to two questions, one vocally and one by writing the answer on a pair of special dice. As the game goes on, the difficulty increases by having players keep an eye on their personal sand timer before hiding it and making it challenging to answer trivia questions.

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Half Truth

Designer Richard Garfield’s name may be familiar to you from the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. You will thus pay attention when he concentrates on a trivia game.

half truth

He poses a broad inquiry about the genre that has six possible answers—three of them are correct and the other three are incorrect. You only need to select one of the right ones to go forward. What could be more basic? The allure of going further by selecting two or perhaps all three correct answers exist, but if you choose incorrectly, you remain where you are. It’s a game that tests your self-assurance and serves as a reminder that arrogance often leads to nemesis.

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