How Can I Steam Launch Game On Second Monitor?

I’ve tried setting up ShiftLeftlayout, but that only changes which monitor is used by default and doesn’t affect the specific program that launches when I click “Start” on each tab. You could now easily steam launch game on second monitor by following some methods.

steam gaming

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. When using Big Picture Mode, you can select which games on which monitors should be running from the BP options menu. Very helpful if you need to make sure your display is used for 3D gaming. Any game, including Steam, may be played on your secondary show using the TvGameLauncher, compact software. 

Here’s what it can do:

  • Change the main monitor (so the game runs on your other monitor fullscreen).
  • Select the HDMI audio output (so that audio comes from your TV).
  • Stop computer sleep so you can play with a gamepad without interrupting sleep.
  • Make non-game displays darker (so that the immersion atmosphere is maximized).
  • Run any executable game (including Steam).
  • After the game is over, undo all your adjustments.

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Methods To Steam Launch Game On Second Monitor

Various methods by which you can steam launch game on second monitor are:

Making Use Of Windows Mode

There is a simple fix if you are having trouble with your graphics card not supporting the second screen. The game will function flawlessly if you run it in Windows mode. Nowadays, almost all games include full-screen and windowed play options, making it simple to move between them while starting a game on one screen and another. Press Alt+Enter to activate the window mode.

window mode

It will open in Window mode once you’ve finished dragging and dropping your second screen on top of the first. Now quickly and without further effort, move between full screens. To get the greatest images while playing games, be careful to adjust the game settings to your second monitor. 

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Alternate Between The Primary And Secondary Monitors

The next technique for the steam launch game on second monitor is quite easy to use. I advise investing in a gaming monitor if you have the cash. You can find one that best meets your demands and is of higher quality. To switch between the primary and secondary monitors:

  1. Follow our instructions on Setting up a dual monitor. settings dual monitor
  2. Make that your secondary monitor is powered on and linked with an HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA cable before connecting it.
  3. Choose your primary device after deciding on the display’s size and style. If that doesn’t work, try selecting “Detect” if there is a problem with detection, or use two monitors as you like.

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Copy Screen / Second Screen Only

You’re in serious mind games if you turn off all your auxiliary screens. Connect your second screen to the PC using HDMI to set it up. The settings menu for Google TV launches with a single click.

The nicest feature is that it will provide you access to both computers without requiring anything additional in between if you have an upcoming assignment or appointment on either computer. Make sure synchronization takes place before clicking “Start Now.”

copy second screen

You may watch YouTube videos, listen to Spotify, and manage your social media accounts with the new software you install on your secondary device. You can also install and play any game you want by installing software like Xbox to play mystery games, or ps4 games, etc.

Because they were finally made cross-platform compatible without any bother or issues, we don’t have any more problems using our second displays. 

Use A Dedicated Multi-Monitor Management Tool

It’s crucial to use a program like Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion before you can maximize your multi-monitor configuration. Thus, for steam launch game on second monitor, you could use a dedicated multi-monitor management tool. These tools make it simple for users to collaborate while using laptops and displays of various sizes without experiencing any issues related to running numerous operating systems simultaneously. These programs can enhance your computer in ways other than gaming. You can play your games in a variety of ways on additional displays. Use DisplayFusion to play them in windowed mode and even set up different monitors so anyone without an Nvidia GPU can still enjoy them in full.

parallel monitors

Using this software program, which functions like a portable multi-monitor management solution, you may boost your productivity and the variety of tasks you can complete. The following are some advantages of utilizing DisplayFusion:

  • Make hotkeys.
  • Allow taskbars for many monitors.
  • Turn on title bar buttons for multiple monitors.
  • Adjust how your setup shows your preferred wallpaper. It features a trial version that is available forever.

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Use Multi-Monitor Software Tools

You can utilize some multi-monitor software tools to steam launch game on second monitor. Still, there are hacks and workarounds which might interest you in attempting if you occasionally use a second monitor to play Steam games. Here, we’ll examine a few concepts and demonstrate how straightforward they may make things.

dual monitor tools

Using an additional screen as your primary display is one of the finest methods to improve your multi-monitor setup. This makes it simpler to multitask and work on two projects without worrying about switching between windows or screens! Depending on the operating system (OS) version that particular machine has installed, the procedure will differ, but here are a few pointers:

  1. Click the “Settings” option under Appearance & Personalization. personalization
  2. Click “Change display settings,” then select the primary monitor.
  3. Choose orientation from the Orientation section, then make the necessary changes.
  4. To relocate the game to the right, start it in borderless windowed mode and press Shift+Win+Arrow Right.
  5. Some games let you select fullscreen or borderless windowed display while playing.


Thus, these were a few methods to steam launch game on second monitor. We hope you followed them and it helped you.

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