10 Best PlayStation Now Games of 2023

With such a copious amount of PlayStation Now games available for users to devour, it sometimes becomes challenging to decide which one to spend your money, time, and energy on. Lucky for you, we went through the painstaking journey of sorting out the best Playstation Now games for 2023 so that you spend less time mulling over which games to subscribe to and spend more time playing only the best of them. 

Top 10 PlayStation Now Games in 2023

Shadow Warrior 3 

The story picks up after the events where Lo Wang, the protagonist, released an ancient dragon accidentally, which wiped out global civilization. As Lo Wang wallows in self-hatred, his old nemesis Orochi Zilla urges him to continue fighting. Joined by Motoko, a witch who holds the answer to their dragon problem. The game grants Wang access to an arsenal of firearms along with a katana. The players are also given new weapons as they progress further.

Shadow Hunter 3 brings back the best of our snarky yet beloved hero, Wang. 

shadow warrior

Ghostwriter: Tokyo 

A supernatural thriller, Ghostwire: Tokyo, takes place in Tokyo (yes, no surprises there) when the city’s entire population has strangely disappeared. Tokyo has been taken over by ghastly paranormal beings: Visitors. The user must join forces with a powerful being on their quest for Revenge and master an arsenal of powers to uncover the ultimate truth behind the residents’ disappearance.  

Ghostwriter: Tokyo is a game that is creepy, spooky, and thrilling at the same time, with a particular focus that respects your time and holds your attention like no other game. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 

Our protagonist, Tina, leads us through a chaotic fantasy land filled with bullets and magic (who knew those two things go together?). A dungeon master who can change the world according to her whims and fancies, Tina has to fight the Dragon Lord. However, he disappears right before the big showdown. Now it is upto Tina to find and stop him as she is accompanied by Captain valentine and Frette on this journey. 

If you have an affinity for chaos and disorder, dive right into Tiny Tina’s wonderland. 

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Nobody Saves the World 

The game by DrinkBox Studios is where the player is given control to a character, “Nobody,” who wields a magic wand that gives him the power to swap into different forms. The user acquires new abilities after completing quests which range from “Complete a Dungeon” and “Cheer up a fellow rabbit-lover” (that’s right, it’s a real task). Players unlock new forms as they complete quests. 

It is a game that keeps you engaged from start to finish. 

Nobody saves the World

Elden Ring 

Set in the fictitious Land of Land Between, which was previously ruled by the immortal Queen Marika, who went on to destroy the Elden Ring and leave behind a plethora of warring demigods, the player controls a character called Tarnished who is called to repair the realm and become the Elden Lord. The gameplay focuses on combat and exploration; all of it is as gorgeous as possible. 

So, pick it up blindly if you want an ethereal gaming experience. 

elden ring

Sol Cresta 

A tribute to the long-lost Cresta series, Sol Cresta is a game of seven stages and gives the player only one option- to knock down everything in their way. Sol Cresta dials it up a notch by giving the player access to three allied ships as opposed to one in the previous versions. The game begins with one ship, and players can gather power-ups that summon the two allied ships. 

Sol Cresta is the perfect opportunity to revel in some nostalgia for retro video game fans. 

sol cresta 

Horizon Forbidden West 

The game follows the adventures of a young huntress, Aloy of the Nora tribe, as she travels across the Forbidden West’s lands. She meets with unfriendly terrains with threats, deadly enemies, and fatal weaponry. Underwater exploration is a new addition to the game, which gives players the freedom to explore mysteries buried deep within seas, lakes, and rivers. 

Don’t think twice before joining Aloy on this majestic and extraordinary pursuit to save the world. 

playstation now games

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OlliOlli World 

Silly? Yes. Fun? Also yes. OlliOlli World takes us through the plain of Gnarvana, overlooking the world of Radlandia. The player becomes the next skate wizard and meets five skate gods. They travel with a cheerful bunch like Suze, Chiffon, and a guy everyone calls Dad. The challenge for the player is to stem together basic tricks into a chain. This is done using various forms of movements to level up. 

This quirky game is a skateboard nerd’s heaven that is quite hard to put down, and it encapsulates the essence of skateboarding. 

playstation now games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge 

Slay dozens of enemies with your favorite Ninja Turtle as you traverse the pixelated art environments. It’s pretty simple- you choose a turtle, each with his specialized moves and skills. Use deadly combos to defeat enemies; lo and behold, the Ninja world is yours to conquer. Shredder’s Revenge retains the classic feel of Mutant Ninja while giving the game a modern twist. What more reason do you even need to play this game? 

playstation now games

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 

Star War fans rejoice as the Skywalker Saga encompasses all the movies from the franchise. It only gets better as the Lego charm and humor add to the legendary story. Users can start from any of the Skywalker Saga trilogies and complete them. Each episode presents planets in each film, and every episode has five story missions with overall 45 levels. 

 It is baffling how the game does everything right, leaving the Star War fanatics satisfied with the gaming experience. 

playstation now games

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These were the 10 best PlayStation now games of 2023. Look into all of them and choose the best one and enjoy.

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