How To Play PC Games On Mac (2023)

Mac users relish the industry’s best hardware with super polished, durable software. Despite this, you can only play a few games on it. In comparison to Steam, Apple arcade lacks incredibly. For ages, “PC gaming” has represented Windows gaming, but it is high time to break that stigma. Because more developers aren’t designing games for macOS doesn’t mean you can’t get PC games operating on your Apple-made machine. All it demands is a bit of finesse. In this article, we have concocted ways for you to play pc games on Mac.

Operating Windows using Boot camp on a Mac is one of the simplest ways to play PC games. It ensures smooth performance and the best frame rate with no compatibility issues—however, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of space on your hard drive, and it isn’t an option if you have an ARM-based Mac (which does not support Boot Camp).

There are more resorts for playing games on your Mac without installing Windows to avoid this hassle. 


How To Play PC Games On Mac?

Mac-friendly games

For starters, look for Mac-compatible games. There are plenty of decent games out there. When a game is compatible with macOS, services like steam display a little Apple logo next to it, rendering it easier to recognize. 

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Even though some games lack Mac versions, you can still install the Windows version of the game through Wine. It is a compatibility layer for Linux and Mac’s platforms made to operate Windows software. Though you can set it up manually, there are several third-party tools/ Wine based compatibility layer that provides you more leisure. Its complete lack of cost is an added benefit. 

A popular and up-to-date utility for installing games with Wine is Porting-Kit. To play a Windows game or the Windows version of Steam on your Mac using Porting-Kit, navigate to Porting Kit’s app or website for a game. Once you find your desired game, click on the install now button. Built-in tutorials, extra steps, and patches available assure you smooth gameplay and make the tool preferable. It can be challenging to figure out initially, but it gets easier with each use. 

PlayOnMac is yet another Wine based compatibility layer that seeks to do all the heavy lifting for you. The setup is pretty straightforward, and you can navigate the PlayOnMac website and download it according to your macOS.


GeForce Now

It is a cloud-based streaming service, one of the most viable options for users with weak hardware.

This holds a vast library of Steam,, and Uplay titles. Most of the games are already provided as a cached version, so it is easy to delve into your favorite game. However, when using GeForce Now for free, you will be restricted to 1-hour sessions and need to wait in queues to use it. Subscription options provide you with unlimited usage.

Since Nvidia’s servers power it, you’ll have to navigate to Nvidia’s Website to download GeForce. Once the setup is finished, you can search for games from various titles. Note: To access paid games, services like Steam is required.

geforce now 


Want a kick of nostalgia? Emulators might be the best way for you. One such emulator for you is OpenEmu, which collects all your favorite classic games in one location. You can start by installing the application and choosing the systems you want to simulate. Get a ROM file for the game you want to play, drag them into OpenEMU’s main window, and add them to your game library. 


Once you have exhausted all your options, or if none of them seem to work for you, you can resort to streaming services like Shadow, Luna, and Stadia to stream and play PC games on your Mac without installing them. 


 It is a streaming service with a subscription model that gives you access to a Windows PC where you can install your own Windows games and stream them to your Mac.



This streaming service utilizes the Chrome web browser and is powered by Google. With Stadia, to stream games, you need to purchase them.



This is an Amazon-powered cloud streaming service with a subscription model. It is available both on the Amazon Luna site in the Chrome browser and as an app. 



With advancements in technologies, numerous ways have been created to relish PC games on your Mac. However, it boils down to your preferences and the amount of money you wish to spend.

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