Picture Morphing Apps to Download in 2023

Here is the list of the top 12 best picture morphing apps to download in 2023-

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1. Morphy- Face Morph GIF

Morphy allows you to create fantastic face morphing time-lapse transition effects between two photographs. Unlike other picture morphing programs, Morphy enables users to record a time-lapse movie of the blending process.

morphy- picture morphing apps

The software avails the users with a plethora of options. From a human to an animal, all forms of morphing can perform, transitioning between various angles or morphing into a celebrity. A time-lapse video should create from a sequence of child photos.

2. Picture Morphing Apps Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth‘s extensive editing capabilities allow you to swap your face across multiple photos easily. Users may switch faces with celebrities as much as they like and do more with this.

face swap booth- picture morphing apps

With great precision, the unique face detecting system automatically replaces the faces in all photographs. Also, you can concentrate on finding innovative methods to make your shot as engaging as possible.

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3. Picture Morphing Apps FaceApp

With fantastic picture morphing tools like FaceApp, you can do instant-worthy swaps for free. The program has over 500 million downloads worldwide and allows users to transform their standard selfies into modeling photos.

A unique mix of effects, background filters, and other tools can create an incredible morph in only one click. This free program provides users with everything they need to avoid spending time photoshopping again.

face app

With over 60 AI filters, this software may be used to modify both photographs and movies. For example, to enhance their selfies, one can add volume to their hair, grow a mustache or beard, change their hairdo or color, or do anything else.

4. Pic Morph

With the best photo morphic software, you can create amazing blending animations and humorous morphs. Its Pic Morph app allows users to develop photo-blending transformations and share them with others as GIFs or movies.

By transforming collected images into live characters, one may turn them into live videos. Celebrities, hilarious characters, pets, cats, terrifying characters, and more are all included.

pic morph- picture morphing apps

The software allows users to swap faces with friends or animals to produce stunning videos. It includes categories such as horror photographs, portraiture, kid photographs, and even animalistic photographs.

5. Picture Morphing Apps B612

B612, originally intended to be a beauty camera for taking selfies, has evolved into one of the most incredible all-in-one photo morphing applications. The program provides a wealth of free features to make every moment stylish.

The best thing is that new stickers, effects, and ad filters are added daily. Seasonal distinctive contemporary filters, as well as AR effects, enhance the beauty of the image.


The AR cosmetics tool allows users to create a natural appearance using trendy filters. Makeup filters can be adjusted to one’s preference. This is one of the best picture morphing apps you can choose.

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6. Reface

With Reface, you can create spectacular face swap videos and animations from a single selfie that appears realistic. Reface is a well-known and advanced face swap program that offers a frequently updated mix of photographs, videos, and gifs instead of other photo morphing apps.

reface- picture morphing apps

Change the faces of celebrities, alter a character’s face, and turn into a new person in renowned movies and TV clips.

One may also change their face with memes using ace morphing technology and a face editor. This fun meme creator tool is used by people all around the world.

7. Picture Morphing Apps MixBooth 

MixBooth is the latest software from the makers of FatBooth, UglyBooth, AgingBooth, BimboBooth, and BaldBooth. Using these picture morphing tools to blend two faces is a humorous and odd method.

This program allows users to combine their faces with images of their family, coworkers, friends, or celebrities. The benefit is that the images may be shared via social media apps such as Facebook, email, and others. This is one of the best picture morphing apps.


The face detection function allows you to easily import and alter photographs from the camera. Simply shake the iPhone to view before and after the modifications are made.

8. Snapchat

 Use Snapchat’s lenses, phrases, filters, Bitmojis, and other amusing effects to express yourself in the present. With this program, taking and emailing images is a breeze. To take a snapshot, simply tap the screen, and to record a video, hold it down.

New filters and selfie lenses are added every day to allow users to experiment with new effects. Stories and live chat tools allow users to keep in touch with pals. Furthermore, the software allows users to video chat with up to 16 people simultaneously.


With 3D Bitmoji, users may dance, modify their appearance, and play games with their faces. Apart from using the Snapchat community’s lenses, users may also design their filters to enhance photos and videos.

9. Animal Faces

Choose from over 50 animal varieties to alter a face with an animal effect with only one tap. The free animal face morph software has various effects that may be saved and shared with friends.

The program allows users to browse the incredible collection of photos, including everything from dogs and cats to monkeys and lions and even birds. One may make a beautiful animal face on their face and look fantastic. Regular photos may be replaced with pet photos using the app.

animal faces

Anyone who likes animal editing will always find something fresh to try since they will constantly update the app’s library. 

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10. Banuba 

With the popular picture morphing app, you can take great selfies, discover over 1000 diverse masks, and be the best storyteller. Banuba is the app that allows users to utilize various face swap filters to make themselves look cooler on social media.

Whether you want to seem like Santa or a vampire, the app has various amazing facial effects. One may turn a dull day into a dynamic one with inspiration, inventiveness, and excellent face swap features. This is one of the best picture morphing apps.


Users may shoot, preserve, and share files from anywhere and at any time. On nearly every social media network, one may transform into a superhero by applying various masks and filters.

11. Celebrity Face Morph

A slightly smarter app than Pic Morph in the sense that it does not have a built-in library of images; instead, it lets you directly search for celebrity images on google through the app. The interface is pretty intuitive. Opening the app asks you if you want to create a new morph image or see your past creations. This is one of the best picture morphing apps.

celebrity face morph

Although uploading from the gallery isn’t available, it readily opens your camera to click a picture. It also suggests popular celebrity names that you might want to try. The created image is available to download in 4 pre-set templates. The app has a 3.6/5 rating with over 9k reviews. The only downside is that the app size is relatively larger with a 102 MB file size.

12. Cut Paste Photos

This one is packed with features to the brim. For an app sized a modest 8 MB, it indeed has many tricks up its sleeves. Along with being a photo morphing app, it also helps you remove the background of your images with one click, create memes, WhatsApp stickers, social media cover photos, make collages, and a lot more. This Picture morphing app gives you the control to decide what portion of an image you want to morph.

cut paste photos

The title is quite self-explanatory. It lets you cut a part of an image and paste it onto the desired one. You can then just download that image or make video scenes out of them using the video library available in the app. It also has a pro version which makes the app ad-free and unlocks a lot more features. The app has a whopping 50 million downloads and a 4/5 rating on the play store.

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