FIX: Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google Chrome

“Not enough memory to open this page in Google Chrome”- This might be a line many of you have encountered while browsing. And let me guess at the circumstances, you were hopping from page to page or had a few YouTube tutorials open?

Let me assure you that this problem has frustrated many users before you and will probably continue to long after reading this article. This article will show how to fix the issue and more. 

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The Simple Fix To “Not Enough Memory To Open This Page”

Well, simply closing a few other tabs you have an open will, in likelihood, solve the issue. Pick the ones you are not actively using and close them. It might be a bit of a heart wrench, but it’s the simplest way to clear up some of the precious memory for loading the new page. At the same time, you might also want to close some of the unused apps you might have running in the background. These few things should help clear enough memory for the page to run smoothly. You can also disable any chrome extension.


The next move to solve the not enough memory to open this page issue. You can try is to try and clear Chrome’s cache. All browsers and Chrome try to retain some of the data from previous searches and browsing sessions to enhance browsing speed. Clearing the cache can clear some old page information, such as pictures that your browser might have saved if you want to revisit them.

You will have to go to settings >> More Tools >> Clear Browsing Data to do this.

clear cache

Then you can select what you would like to delete and finally select “Clear Data.” This should free up some space. Try the page again. It should load now.

Additionally, you could also try disabling some of the chrome extensions you might have. 

You can access these by typing “chrome://extensions” in the address bar. Then select the ones you don’t seem to need and clear away the unnecessary ones. This might help solve the not enough memory to open this page issue.

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The Not So Simple Fixes

The next few steps are more hardcore and might be difficult for those not used to carrying out these fixes, but not impossible if the guidelines are correctly followed.

Not enough memory to open this page

The next move will be to update your browser. Many users facing this issue had been running the 32-bit version. So upgrading to the 64-bit version might solve the problem. This is, however, more of a permanent fix rather than a quick fix. It would be best if you weigh your options before you upgrade.

update browser

The very next alternative involves disabling hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is used to boost the performance of hardware using the software. Generally, it’s better not to touch these settings, but this could help clear out not enough memory to open this page. You will have to go to Settings >> Advanced Settings >> System to carry this out. Under the section, uncheck the box with the text “use hardware acceleration where available.” Once done, you will have to restart Chrome. 

hardware acceleration

This will disable hardware acceleration but may also cause performance issues later.

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How To Remove The Computer’s Memory Cache?

The computer stores many necessary and unnecessary things on the RAM, and clearing those out will probably help create space for your page. The easiest way to do this will be to restart your PC. This will wipe the unnecessary residual files from the RAM, giving you some space.

If the previous method fails, you can use other techniques to clear out the ram. This is the next method to solve not enough memory to open this page issue. Open the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then you can go in and close any unwanted programs to free up space. Also, while you’re in the Task Manager, you can look at the “Startup” tab and filter the list based on status. You can then selectively disable Apps from running at startup. This will free up some memory to use for you.clear windows cache

In any case, due to planned obsolescence by tech companies, your current system will eventually fall short of memory. Thus in point, the problems persist; you might have to add RAM or upgrade your device.

If the problem hasn’t been fixed yet, you might need to take a few more drastic steps.


In Windows 10, you might have to increase paging filing or the size of your virtual memory. However, these fixes are usually best left to someone who knows what they are doing. This site provides the steps which you will need to follow.

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Here were almost all possible methods to solve the not enough memory to open this page issue. In any case, most of the problems will be solved in the first few methods; we would like to encourage you to look up further fixes and research what you are doing before you do it. We wish you good luck.

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