Top 9 Most Addictive Android Games

Currently, you can find Android games with excellent storylines and graphics, some on par with console games. Despite these “hardcore” games, most currently offered mobile games can be classified as “time-savers.” They are fantastic for passing the time when you have nothing to do, but use caution—you might spend much longer than you intended! Here is the list of the top 9 most addictive android games.

Colour Switch

Colour Switch is a very straightforward but stressful game that appears in many of the titles on the list. You have to move the ball through circles and other geometric shapes as you move through it. The game starts out being vibrant and easy to play, but as the levels progress, it becomes more challenging. 

most addictive android games

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a crazy game with a fantastic retro aesthetic. The objective of this arcade game is to elude polygon closures by acquiring a light chip. Simple to play, yet enthralling.

Patients with cardiac conditions should not use it. On Google Play, it costs 188.78 INR.

super hexagon


In Twist’s game, you must move swiftly towards the front of the screen while passing a ball from one platform to another. You will lose if you don’t catch the ball correctly.

It only has one very straightforward but challenging game mode. When you lose the quiet in a typical game, you are lost. 

most addictive android games

Piano Tiles

In this game, which mimics a piano keyboard, you cannot touch the black letters to create melodies. It’s a classic, and Google Play offers various versions. The game’s speed increases as we move forward and has several modes, including Zen, Rush, in batches, and the traditional mode, in which you must press as many keys simultaneously as you can.

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most addictive android games


At the International Mobile Gaming Awards, Badland took home the trophy for best game of 2014. The game’s setting is sinister but beautiful, where dangerous situations alternate with idyllic scenery. It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, the latter of which lets you play with up to four friends. But many users continue to be ignorant. Not just for its dynamics, this game is impossible to put down.

most addictive android games


From being terrified to being at ease. Osmos is unlike anything else; it’s more than just a game. The game’s mechanics are based on physics. It has some fantastic visuals, and the music will take you to the serenity of space. It combines gameplay with environmental experiences, but the most straightforward part is to take off and hook you immediately.

The game’s 72 levels and 8 unique worlds become available as you advance. There is also a multiplayer mode, and this game quickly rose to the top of my favorites list.


Minigore 2: Zombies

Without plants in this instance. You play a shooter in Minigore 2: Zombies who have to battle armies of the dead. You must assist him or one of the 20 playable characters in eliminating various zombies and horrors in the game. A total of 60 types of enemies can be encountered. The game has 300 levels. In addition to its addictive nature, the graphics and color make this game an eye-pleasing experience.

most addictive android games

Icon Pop song

The transition from zombies to Lady Gaga is analogous in this instance. In the game, you must identify the song’s title or the name of the performers after listening to the song’s chords for a brief period.

This game is for you if you’re a fan of international pop. I’m sticking with the first song since it’s free and worth the effort.

Angry Birds 2

Up to 240 levels and a graphic improvement are included in this installment. A large number of new characters, too. Another novel feature is that instead of each phase having a predetermined bird, you can now choose which bird you want to play. If you ever become dependent on Angry Birds, at least try your second part. 

You now have it. You can kill boredom by playing the top Android games that are also addictive. Please feel free to add any additional games in the comments section that you believe belong on this list. This list is a little more personal than most because different game genres can be addictive to different people.

angry birds


These were the top 9 most addictive android games. Try all of them out and choose the best game to be addicted to!

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