How To Download And Play Mini Militia For PC

Mini Militia is one of the most popular 2D action games that you can play alongside your friends or with random opponents from around the globe. This multiplayer game allows you to battle with people but is unlike most intense battle royale games. It is much more lighthearted and is very simple to play. 6 players or up to 12 people connected to the same wifi network can play it together. The game is nothing fancy and has basic graphics, but its unique gameplay and characters make it very enjoyable.

Since the mini militia game is designed to be played on Android or iOS devices, you might wonder how to run it on a PC. The company has not released a PC version yet, but you can still play it on your computer by following a few steps. In this guide, we will provide you with some information with the help of which you will easily be able to play Mini Militia on your PC. 

Step 1: Download An Emulator

Since Mini Militia is designed to be used on mobile devices, it would require some sort of software to be able to run on a PC. An emulator will allow mobile applications to run smoothly on a computer. It is a great way to run your favorite apps or play games on your PC. 

download an emulator

Depending on your preferences, there are numerous emulators to choose from. Bluestacks and LDPlayer are two of the most popular ones because they are simple to use and have a clean interface. These are especially great if you wish to play your favorite Android or iOS game on your PC. To download an emulator, you can simply search the name of the emulator that you want, and there will be many websites as well as the company’s website from where you can download it.

The installation process is relatively easy, and the downloading does not take long as the software size is not too big. After installation, as you open the emulator, you will find some pre-installed apps, but you can also install other apps from the Play Store.

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Step 2: Open Play Store 

After you have finished downloading and installing the software on your PC, run it and select the Play Store option. It is usually pre-installed. There you will have to sign in using your Google account just like you do on your mobile. After authorization and signing into your account, your Play Store will open, and there you can browse through the different mobile apps that you can now run on your computer.

play store on pc

The interface would be similar to your phone, as the emulator helps turn your PC into a mobile where you can run all the mobile apps, especially mini militia.

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Step 3: Search And Download Mini-Militia

After successfully opening Play Store on your emulator, open the search bar and search for Mini Militia. The app is available in the results. Now, Click on the app and install it. The installation speed solely depends on your internet speed. The file is rather small, so downloading or installing it won’t take too long.

search and download mini-militia

After the game is installed, the process is complete, and you can now play it on your PC. This process is suitable for both Windows and Mac devices. 

Basic PC Requirements

Before downloading an emulator, your PC must meet the basic requirements for the software to run correctly, especially if you want to play games like mini militia. Your PC should at least have a dual-core processor and 4 GB RAM. The hard disk should have at least 4-5 GB of free space. If you have a new PC that has the latest specs or if it is a gaming PC, then you won’t need to worry about this issue. 

pc requirements

So, whether you are a Mini Militia fan or just a gaming enthusiast who wants to play the game on his PC, following these steps will surely help you. Despite there not being an official PC version of the game, there are still many ways you can play it on your computer. Playing on a bigger screen is also much more fun and definitely gives you a true gaming experience. 

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