Top 10 Math Games For Adults

Math games for adults deliver a mode to practice and enhance mathematical skills. These games can help learn basic concepts, such as arithmetic and geometry. Math is one of the subjects that can be dull for adults. Regardless, there are plenty of games to keep adults entertained and discovering. Allow me to list down the top 10 Math games designed for adults in this article.


Before we dive into the games, it is essential to know what to look for in a good math game. Unlike these math games, you can also play some money-earning games, which could also be helpful to you, as these. Below are three characteristics that every good math game should have:

  • Fluency: A good math game should be easy to understand and play. The strict rules of the game should be clearly described to the participants. Also, the game should be action-packed without being too complex.
  • Problem-solving: Any good math game should offer challenges, and players should be able to crack these challenges posed by the game to progress.
  • Application: A good math game should help players apply the knowledge they have learned in the game to real-life situations. 

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Best Math Games For Adults 

Let’s next move on to the ten best math games for adults.

Sudoku: Classic Games

 To start with, let me mention something very common. This app provides a basic and classic version of Sudoku. It is by CoolmathGames on the google play store with a size of 30MB. 


With multiple levels and backgrounds or themes, this app is perfect for someone looking for something basic and old-school game.

Download: Sudoku

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Math games: Brain Training 

This app is from Pavel Olegovich and is designed for adults and kids. A wide range of algebra games sharpens players’ math memory and abilities. It includes 20+ exciting math brain games like Algebra games, Arithmetic games, Math quiz games, Math memory challenges, Brain puzzle math teasers, Mathematics duels, etc.

brain training games

It is suitable for family members to play together on a rainy day or at tea time.

Download: Math Games- Brain Training

Math games: Mathematics

This application is a game and a guide that includes the most effective mathematical methods for mental arithmetic, one of the best math games for adults. Brain games are based on the principles of cognitive psychology to help players exercise various mental skills: memory, attention, speed, reaction, concentration, logic, and more. As these games are provided on the play store and AppStore on your phone, you could also try playing games on Xbox. It has a variety of mystery games, as well as singing games too.

maths games

As these cool math games are brain-training, where logic & thinking & math meet fun, entertainment, amusement, and light-hearted pleasure. Therefore, this app includes two modes and 16 diverse mathematical tasks and can be translated into seven languages.

Download: Math Games- Mathematics

Brain Math: Puzzle Maths Games

Puzzle Maths Games have huge collections of Maths riddles, Logical Reasonings, Math puzzles, Numbers sums, and Brain teasers.

brain math games

This app is good for learning multiple concepts as it includes hints and solutions for every given riddle app.

Download: Brain Math: Puzzle Maths Games

Riddles: Logic and Math games

This app is for every age person. It includes Logic games, Math riddles, Maths quizzes, etc.

riddle logic games

Above all, this game is a simple and easy design, this app provides creative puzzles and challenges to its players. 

Download: Riddles: Logic and Math Games

Elevate: Brain Training Games

This app is good for improving speaking abilities, processing speed, memory skills, mental math, etc. It is one of the top editors’ choice Math game apps. This is also considered one of the best math games for adults.

elevate brain games

In this app, each person is provided with a personalized learning program that modifies over time to maximize outcomes.

Download: Elevate- Brain Training Games

LogicMath: IQ test Riddle games

The next one of the math games for adults is LogicMath, an app with math riddles, logic games, and puzzle games. Players can challenge themselves with these math games and riddle games. Also, due to the properties these games possess, they are a good source of education. Their educational games combine IQ tests, math games, and puzzle-solving games. Like these IQ games, there are several other board games like star war board games. Try installing and playing them too.

logic math iq games

This logic game or IQ test is a riddle game with solutions ideal for playing on short journeys, and each riddle game of LogicMath can be solved in a few minutes, depending on the player’s IQ. Thus, making it the best IQ riddle game for adults.

Download: LogicMath: IQ test Riddle games

Count Blitz – Mental math

If players like calculation games, want to know if they can count fast, or want to learn it, then Count Blitz – Mental Math is what they need.

count blitz games

This app can help players improve their mental calculation skills, logic, concentration, and mental reaction. Therefore, it is simple yet challenging. Count Blitz Training with numerous levels can help players speed up their calculations.

Download: Count Blitz- Mental math

Math Master – Math games

This app will help players to learn to count in their minds quickly and without errors and develop math skills. This game also belongs to fun math games to help everyone develop abstract and logical thinking, sharpen their intellect and perseverance, and raise IQ, ability to analyze, and memory.

math master games

This app suits both to children and adults. Also, it has multiple levels, from simple to extremely complex, each includes a set of mathematical tasks, and everyone can discover something suitable. 

Download: Math Master- Math games

Math Games – Tricky Riddles

Finally, this app is a Puzzle game with multiple levels and mini-games like the Multiplication table, a Training game with adjustable settings for math, time for questions, complexity, and a variety of games like Test, True / False, or Input of answer with a keyboard.

math tricky riddles games

Hence, this app includes a simple and understandable play process, and games are available without an Internet connection.

Download: Math Games- Tricky Riddles


Thus, we would like to end this article by providing you with one of the best math games for adults. Try these games at least once. Like these games, you could also try playing some board games with your kids, like the cooperative board games.

Thank you for your time. 

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