How Can You Install and Play Steam on NVidia Shield?

While choosing entertainment boxes, you’ll find yourself stuck between two options. A relatively inexpensive streaming box like Apple TV or Fire TV stick. Other, if you’re into gaming, you might go for big-budget gaming devices like PS4 or Xbox One. The NVIDIA Shield Android TV box will split the difference. Here we would be discussing how to play Steam on NVidia Shield.

Nvidia Shield TV is an android based digital media player used as a full-featured streaming box that runs on the latest Android TV platform. One can access any android application designed for television like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, etc., using the Nvidia shield. It can also be for playing games and streaming the same using Nvidia’s on-demand subscription to cloud gaming service. This article will be a guide on how to install and play steam on Nvidia Shield.

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What is NVidia Shield

The NVIDIA Shield TV is a fully-featured entertainment box that runs on the latest Android TV software, which means it has Google Assistant, 4K Chrome cast, and a handful of other great features built right in, including 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, High performance, Dolby Vision and compatibility with Alexa. It offers the best internal specs and features on a TV streaming box.

The NVIDIA Shield TV comes with a sleek design remote with a built-in microphone with the Google Assistant. It is also compatible with a keyboard and mouse or any Bluetooth device, especially for gaming and other mundane things like searching or entering passwords.

play steam on nvidia shield

Let’s dive into the most overriding feature that comes with the NVIDIA Shield TV, its gaming arena! This streaming box will offer you all the media capability you need, along with an excessive amount of gaming content but without the price tag associated with powerful gaming consoles like PS or Xbox. This makes the Shield a standout product. 

If you take an NVIDIA GeForce subscription, you’ll be able to stream games from NVIDIA’s servers directly to your Shield. The choice of games is limited, mainly having outdated games like Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row IV, and a few others. For streaming newer games, you’ll have to pay an additional charge.

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What comes with the Nvidia Shield box?

The shield gives options for internal storage as well. There can be two options: 16GB flash drive or 500GB hard drive, which is also expandable.

After buying Nvidia Shield, inside the box, we get :

nvidia contents

1. Nvidia Shield TV set-top box

2. Remote Controller

3. Game controller

4. USB Charging cable for game controlling

5.  Also a Power lead for set up box

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What is Steam

Another important and popular feature called GameStream will help you stream games you already own on your PC right to your television. Now, instead of buying individual games on PC to play on the Shield, the very trouble-free and secure option is choosing the Steam app! In this article, we will know how to play Steam on NVidia Shield.steam

Steam is an online platform gaming library from the game developer Valve, which allows you to buy, create and play PC games. The platform hosts innumerable games, downloadable content, and mods from almost all major game developers. Its most unique specification is that you can use any computer or PC to buy or download games into your Steam account. This will allow you to store an extensive collection of games without using much space in your computer memory!

NVIDIA Shield Steam Games list includes many games, including popular ones like Coffin Dodgers, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Mini Ninjas, So Many Me, Ultimate Chicken Horse

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Install Nvidia Shield TV

The following are the steps to install Nvidia’s Shield TV :

1. Connect the Nvidia Shield to the television, using the cables and the five ports present in the set-top box, one for power, two for USBs, and also the last two for HDMI and ethernet, respectively.nvidia hdmi

2. The HDMI port connects the set-top box to the television. The only requirement is that your television should be HDCP- compatible.

3. Plug the power adapter into the power socket and the ethernet port to the router. If, in case, the WiFi router is in a different room of the house, then you can also connect it using the home WiFi network.nvidia settings

4. Turn on the television and use the input button to switch to the correct HDMI channel. Nvidia’s logo will be visible on the television screen. Choose the language according to your preferences. If the WiFi is not set up due to not connecting the device via ethernet, enter the WiFi password using Nvidia shield remote control.

5. Enter your credentials for google accounts, and by doing this, you will also access your apps and recommend movies, music, etc., based on your preferences.nvidia game stream

Streaming games using Nvidia’s Shield in 4k and HDR.

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Play Steam on NVidia Shield

Here is a guide for installing the Steam app for your shield TV for GameStream!

Follow the steps to play Steam on NVidia Shield.

1: Create a Steam account on your PC through any web browser.

create an account

2: After creating the account, connect your NVIDIA Shield to the TV and set up the internet connection. Make sure to log in with the same account on Shield and GeForce on your PC.

3: Open the NVIDIA Games app.

open app

4: Go to the setting menu by scrolling down on the left side menu panel.

5: Click on ‘login,’ which will appear as the first option.

log in

6: Note the verification/activation code which will appear on the NVIDIA Shield TV Screen.

7: Visit the activation link on your browser on any device and enter the activation code.

activation code

8: Once you’ve logged in, click on GeForce NOW.

geforce NOW

9: Scroll down the library and ensure that Steam is installed or select GameStream from the My Library row and launch Steam.

10: Go back to the initial screen and navigate the Type section.

11: Click on GeForce NOW.

12: Select a game and then click PLAY.


13: Choose your Steam account and start playing!

Here was how to play Steam on NVidia Shield.

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It would be helpful to plug in a keyboard and a mouse to control and play games on your TV. This can significantly help you effortlessly play those shots and all the other games! This also helps you easily navigate among the menu on the TV. So go on and play Steam on NVidia Shield!

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