How to Post Music to Spotify [Complete Guide]

Spotify has become a popular audio streaming and media service provider platform since its establishment in 2006. The year after its launch, it began reforming to take the lead over other music streaming sites like Apple Music and Tidal. Listening to music with Spotify is not just what you can do. Instead, if you are a potential musician, it allows you to upload your music on its platform for others to recognize your talent. Let’s look into its details and how to post music to Spotify.

The chances of becoming famous with Spotify are higher since it helps musicians understand their target audience. At present, more than 86 million people are actively using this platform, so uploading songs on Spotify will help artists kick-start their careers and earn a living. 

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Spotify – What And How To Work With It?

Spotify is a digital service that allows you to listen to streaming music. You don’t need to download the songs. The only thing you need to enjoy the music is the Spotify app and data. The data used by the app depends on the quality of the streaming song you are listening to. To take advantage of the unlimited streaming music and podcast on this platform, you must sign in with Spotify using your email address or Facebook account.

spotify - what and how to work with it?

Apart from this, the premium plan for Spotify gives you advertisement-free uninterrupted music and allows you to listen to up to 10,000 songs offline on five different devices.

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How To Post Music To Spotify?

Before, the artist could upload their song and music in the trial feature independently. But after July 2019, this system changed. Now, the artists need a Spotify distribution partner to upload their music. These distributing partners help the artist get their music on Spotify. Still, they also look after the licensing services, pay them royalties obtained from Spotify, and give them immediate access to the artist platform of Spotify. These partners had played a prominent role in serving the artist from the day Spotify was launched.

how to post music to spotify

The collaboration of Spotify with these distributing partners has been increasing significantly in the past two years. These partners prevent the artist from violating and ensure that the artist is provided with metadata quality.

Suppose you want to know how to post music to Spotify. In that case, the musician must work with a Digital Service Provider platform that acts as a media distributor on streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and many others. It will be better if the musician uploads their music in the form of local files on Spotify.

Best Digital Service Provider (DSP) To Upload Music On Spotify

If you are learning how to post music to Spotify, then you need to know that you need to collaborate with a DSP. Below is the briefing of some excellent digital service providers worth collaborating with to make it easy for you. You can choose the one whose services you like:


The cost of posting a single track using this DSP is $9.99, whereas if you want to distribute an album consisting of more than two songs, the price will go up to $29.99. Thus, TuneCore is affordable, and also it has a list of packages from which you choose the one that fits your budget and helps you achieve your goal. Sometimes, you may get a discount depending on the number of tracks you upload.


TuneCore works hard to make your music reach the listeners than many other platforms.


LANDR provides you with a subscription-based service.



There are many types of subscriptions, of which the popular ones are:

Basic- $6.58 a month

Advanced- $10.04 a month

Pro- $20 per month

Studio- $24 per month

It is equipped with a mastering used in preparing your music for distribution through its platform.

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Of all the distributors, RouteNote is the only distributor with both – Free and Premium services. If you opt for a free plan, then RouteNote will take a 15% commission on your total revenue.


The initial cost of uploading is given below:-

Singletrack: $10

EP (2 – 6 tracks): $20

Album (7 – 18 tracks): $30

Extended Album (18 tracks or more): $45

Later, it charges a $9.99 annual fee, irrespective of the type of release you’ve uploaded. It shares your songs on around 19 platforms globally.

Мusic Gateway

Music Gateway does not have any free version, but you can go for 14 days trial, after which you have to pay $5.00 as a flat monthly rate. There are various plans available from which you can choose one as per your need.

music gateway

Once you submit your song on this platform, your music is placed in the media by their creative team collaborating with the music supervisors. Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music release your songs. 

It is always better to be an expert in different applications to lead a life of ease. Along with Spotify, use Amazon music. Go a step ahead and learn to play Amazon Music on the Apple watch.


Spotify is an excellent platform to upload your songs and earn a living. For uploading the music, musicians have to collaborate with DSP. Various DSPs are available, and you can choose the one that suits your budget and provide you with the features that will help you reach your goal. Thus, choose the best one to help you grow and learn how to post music to Spotify.

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