9 Best Torrent Downloader for Android for 2023

Ditch paying for media content online and use the torrent apps below to download torrents into your Android easily. Here, we would be discussing the best torrent downloader for Android.

First, let’s first encounter what torrenting means. If you are a web series junkie, you are likely aware of Torrent. Torrent is a renowned way of scattering files over the internet without actually paying for them. You can download and enjoy your utmost favorite movies or TV series on your smartphones for free! Additionally, you can download torrents on your Android as well. We all know torrent apps aren’t considered desirable or reputable because of their usage for sharing illegal and pirated content, mainly movies, web series, and music.

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Best Torrent Downloader For Android

With hoards of choices in the market, mentioned below is the list of the nine best Torrent downloader apps for Android.

Flud – Torrent Downloader

Ratings – 4.6 Star


Flud is a powerful Torrent Downloader and is considered one of the best Android Torrent Apps to download many files. It boasts a simple, straightforward interface.


  • It brings forth an excellent UI and relies on Bit Torrent protocols
  • Also it comes with no speed limits on downloads/ uploads. It has RSS feed support with automatic downloading.
  • You can change themes from light to dark


  • It only has options to download files on WiFi
  • Contains ads.

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µTORRENT- Free Music And Video Torrent Downloader

Ratings- 4.5 Stars

Another best torrent downloader for Android. uTorrent provides lightweight and fast torrent software in real-time without any troubles. It is based on the Bit Torrent protocol, and it also offers unlimited size and speed limits to download files.



  • It Allows the download of more than one torrent file at one time.
  • You can lock your connection to local WiFi networks instead of consuming your mobile data plan.
  • With over 100 million downloads, it is reliable.


  • Software contains an inherent search option
  • Contains Ads.

Bit Torrent- Torrent Downloads

Ratings- 4.5 stars

It is the best best torrent downloader for Android. This is the most trusted torrent downloader for Android. It is a well-designed app that helps you find and download torrents on your phone.bittorrent

Because of its small size, it’s beneficial and helps minimize your storage footprint. Isn’t that all-in-one.


  • Promotes legal music and video torrents by independent artists
  • Both Bit torrent and uTorrent have the same interface and features
  • Offers clean and minimalistic UI and helps in saving you mobile data.


  • It contains Ads.

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Libre Torrent

Ratings -4.2 Stars


This is another best torrent downloader for Android. It is an open-source torrent that helps easily download anything onto your Android. You can easily create your torrent files and share them comfortably with other users.


  • You can add a couple of different themes and switch up its overall style, as well as set up custom notifications.
  • Also you can create and manage your torrent files and manage each download from an elegant and easy-to-manage interface.
  • You can also pick the file directory path you want your downloads to save or set up a proxy.


  • This Software Contains Ads.

Frost Wire – Torrent Downloader

Ratings- 4.1 Stars


It is a popular torrent downloader. It has basic features along with good modern designs. Some of its features are a music player and media browser, which are free to use. The app has a built-in torrent search to find the downloaded videos.


  • You have the choice to choose the location of downloaded files.
  • You can easily filter videos, pictures, songs
  • Allows you to play video alongside downloading it.


  • It doesn’t allow the addition of custom websites to the search tool

aTorrent Downloader

Ratings-4.3 Stars.


It is a great torrent client that works efficiently and allows downloading of files of any size directly into your mobile phone. This torrent downloader supports the P2P Bit torrent, DHT, Magnet link, and magnet trackers. It is a simple yet effective app. It is among the best torrent downloader for Android.


  • It allows you to download several files simultaneously.
  • Offers a convenient and easy-to-use interface.
  • It also supports magnet links.


  • Like other torrent software, it also contains ads.

tTorrent Lite- Torrent Client

Ratings- 4.3 Stars.

ttorent lite

It is simply the best torrent downloader client app for Android and is a perfect choice for you. It downloads files in no time, whether movies, songs, software, or other entertainment media.


  • Provides a user-centric interface for beginners.
  • Offers the ability to search for the files from within the app.
  • Supports Magnet link and the proxy server


  • Requires high-speed internet connection, i.e., WiFi,4G.

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VUZE Torrent Downloader

A one-stop JAVAScript structured Bittorrent client acts as a gateway to your endless files and information. It acts as a file converter and uses P2P to download whatever content you need. Best for beginners as they can control the uploading and downloading speeds.



  • It controls and manages torrent downloads.
  • Provides a Straightforward interface.
  • Add-free experience


  • Requires WiFi or high-speed internet for downloading.

ZetaTorrent Downloader

Ratings-4.1 Stars

It comes with some unusual features. It includes an ad-block part. You can also see your browsing history. It provides an all-in-one service and supports torrent management.zetatorrent

You can download any file, and it has a full-featured file manager. It automatically recognizes magnetic links and torrent files. In short, it is a great option to choose.


  • Allows Dark/Light theme management
  • Blocks Ads automatically
  • Supports Multi Steaming.
  • You can set the limit of bandwidth connection.


  • Like most Torrent apps, this also requires high-speed internet or WiFi.
  • Allows proxy access in the Pro feature only.

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Here is the best torrent downloader for Android. You can use them easily and watch anything anytime. We hope you liked this article.

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