9 Best Anime Games to Play on Xbox

Anime Games to Play on Xbox: One of the leading reasons why Xbox is the favoured way of playing both old and new games is its ackward compatibility, which enables older games to be played on modern consoles without needing multiple older systems.

Anime Games to Play on Xbox

We have curated a list of the top 9 Anime Games to Play on Xbox and experience the adrenaline rush!

1. NieR: Automata

While some may consider this an older game, it is by far the best anime-style game of all time when all the qualities of a splendid JRPG are considered. It has all the fantastic elements; you name it, and it has it! The aesthetics, graphics, story, character, and gameplay are all engaging and keep you hooked.

NieR Automata

The lore of the plot runs deep and is certainly enriching, which is what western fans adore about the NieR gaming genre. To comprehend the larger-than-life intrigues that engulf you in the tale and the game, play it on Xbox. Because of the complex yet hopeful story, it is unquestionably one of the best anime games to play on Xbox.

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2. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of history’s second biggest grossing anime franchises, with its fascinating storyline and gameplay. The show’s massive success among gamers has enabled the dragon ball z franchise to evolve into several games one can enjoy playing on Xbox. Dragon Ball Z: Kararot is one of the best games created in the Dragon Ball series.

Anime Games to Play on Xbox

After being acknowledged as one of the Best New Switch Games and Top Nintendo Switch games in recent years, the Goku saga will be remembered and appreciated by all gamers.

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3. Attack on Titans

Another internationally popular anime adapted into an Xbox game? Yes, the well-known Attack on Titans is the gripping story of Eren and his army against the man-eating Titans. The game is a hit series for Xbox to play and explore the illusion of being present to combat the Titans and control the narrative flow with the protagonists.

Anime Games to Play on Xbox

It’s a fascinating anime game to play on Xbox with a few novel story twists and surprising controls. For most gamers playing it on Xbox, the combat and ODM mechanics are smooth and seem natural, and the mission content is extensive.

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4. Code Vein

The world crumbles isn’t the same as we know it in a semi-dystopian society not too long in the future. The Thorns of Judgement have created lifeless concrete tombs of the human world. Vein, a Revenant community, lies buried in the centre of the destruction, a stronghold where a war for existence is raging.

Anime Games to Play on Xbox

To escape the living nightmare, you must join up with the characters and acquire rewards in Code Vein. Play this anime game on your Xbox and save the dying world!

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5. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja- STORM 4

To be familiar with Naruto’s tales, you don’t have to be a passionate player in the anime or Xbox gaming communities. Naruto has produced and launched various games with Xbox throughout the years, and we have chosen the greatest one for your gaming hangout plans! On the Xbox, users can play the vintage anime game Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

Anime Games to Play on Xbox

You get to pick a character to battle against in this Naruto game series. You can compete against strangers in an online multiplayer mode. The new Ultimate Storm 4’s immersive dynamics will have you on the edge of your seat.

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6. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia has to be one of the top Anime Games for the Xbox gaming experience. The Japanese game developers not only provide incredible action combat to your screen but also convey a genuinely exciting tale. The narrative is thick with multiple twists and turns that only add to your intrigue. The game is best described as a power struggle within an empire told through the tale of two friends.

The most thrilling aspect of this game is the battle, which will take some training to master. Learning and training your characters to fight and win may take some time.

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7. Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

If you’ve spent numerous hours watching every action of this anime series, this game may be the finest yet strangest crossover you’ve ever seen. The Arslan anime joins the Warrior Series to create this fantastic anime game for your Xbox. The game engulfs you in a massive army where skill and tactical control play a vital role, combining the popular components of the two warring games.

Anime Games to Play on Xbox

The actors delivering the story’s voice-over enhance the experience. Although we feel that the co-op mode should be attempted, we believe that playing this game solo on your Xbox is the best way to tackle the game.

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8. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey with Luffy and the Straw Hats across many islands in search of the renowned treasure, The One Piece? The game’s spectacular cutscenes take you through some unforgettable enemies and battle moments. The fascinating confrontations in which the warrior slashes hundreds of opponents in one go are a feature in every anime game you play on your Xbox.

The aesthetics are fantastic, and the interplay with the modern world adaptation is fantastic. Feel the adrenaline and thrill for yourself!

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9. Forgotten Anne

Need another anime game for your Xbox that combines a narrative that draws your attention along with fast-paced gameplay? The anime game is a smashing platform that manages to tick all the boxes for the player while also providing an exceptional soundtrack. The amount of risk rises while the aim remains to return Anne to her house safely.

The Forgotten Lands, where a rebellion is growing around Anne, keeps her fighting to control the Anima, her land’s energy source. In her homeland, she fights against the tyrant and his horrors. Come along and learn about the world around Anne!

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Beyond the epic battles and spectacular fight sequences, these Anime Games to Play on Xbox are a fantastic place to learn to train, eat and fight alongside the characters. With the backing of Microsoft, Xbox has made significant technological advances and connected players with their favourite gaming series. The only way to learn the actual art of battle would be through practice. And these games will certainly provide you with that!

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