14 Android Games Like Bitlife Simulator

Bitlife Simulator is an entertaining life simulation in which your decisions determine what unfolds.

You can try to live a good life and make all the right decisions before you pass away. Also could find the love of your life, get married, start a family, and further your education.

Users can also choose actions that frighten their parents through Bitlife simulator. You might become involved in crime, fall in love, embark on a journey, cause jail riots, smuggle duffel bags, or have an extramarital affair. Learn how the seemingly trivial choices you make can affect your level of success in the game of life. 

Interactive story games have been well-liked for a while. But this is the first simulation of adult life based solely on text. 

14 Best Android Games Similar To Bitlife Simulator 

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Nirvana – Game Of Life

A swipe-based life simulation and adventure.

Play this life simulation as a soul moving between bodies as it goes through the life cycle, taking in everything it offers while attempting to break the cycle to reach Nirvana.

Bitlife Simulator

You will have to make a random choice every year that will impact your life.

Be careful since every decision you make could be your final one! Hurry to experience as much as possible and finally aim to achieve Nirvana. You can pass away in various ways, but you will always be given another chance and a different body to control.

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Alt Life – Life Simulator

You are the creator of your life in AltLife. Every story is unique. It’s up to you whether you choose to lead a life of mediocrity or quit school to work as an online influencer. Apply for your ideal position, rise through the ranks, or depend on your parents to support you. No choice is ever the wrong one.

You have various options for employment, relationships, vocations, interests, etc., to pick from. AltLife is the ultimate life simulation since most objects you interact with are randomly generated, giving you a different experience every time you play.



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Bitlife Dogs – DogLife

Welcome to DogLife, the newest text-based life simulation game from BitLife’s developers.

In this interactive life simulation game, you can play the stray wild dog on the streets, the attention-seeking house dog, or the man’s best friend who gets a little pampering. As you engage with thousands of scenarios in your quest to become the most excellent or most formidable dog on the block, your tale is yours to let unfold. Since no two DogLife lives are the same, you’ll want to keep playing this addictive game.

Bitlife Simulator

There are various breeds available. You can play as a Shiba Inu, Pitbull, rottweiler, golden retriever, bulldog, and many more.

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Bitlife Cats – CatLife

Welcome to CatLife, the newest text-based life simulation game from BitLife’s developers.

In this interactive story life sim game, you can be a sassy, independent stray cat, a cute, besotted kitten, or the friend of a slightly insane cat lady. Your story will play out as you engage with hundreds of scenarios on your quest to become the sweetest or worst kitten in town. Since no two CatLife lives are the same, you’ll want to keep playing this addictive game. 

Bitlife Simulator

There are countless breeds available. You can play as a Siamese, calico, sphynx, Persian, Himalayan, Maine coon, and many more breeds.

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Episode – Choose Your Story 

Episode enables you to experience your story, complete with romance, drama, adventure, and love. If you could become a character in your favorite story, that would be a fantastic experience. With more than 150,000 compelling stories where you can make decisions that matter, Episode allows you to do just that.

Bitlife Simulator

It is a massive collection of interactive stories in which you control your outcome that has been read billions of times. Or start your own and compose one yourself.

Along with reading others’ stories, you may also create your own. On Episode’s platform, you may create and publish your very own interactive stories and receive millions of views.

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The SimsTM: Free Play

The SimsTM creators have released the entire SimsTM experience on mobile! Grow Sim-Town to increase the size of your sim community and build a complete town that reflects your tastes, ideals, and aspirations! 

Bitlife Simulator

To earn Simoleons and receive goodies along the way, complete the objectives. As you assist your Sims in leading amusing and fulfilling lives, keep their content and watch them flourish.

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Life Is A Game 

Play a life-simulation game where you can observe a person’s life from conception to death. The adage “life is a marathon” served as the inspiration for this game. This is a brand-new game genre that blends running gameplay and simulation. Play games while reflecting on your life using a unique memory system. With its heart-warming story and pixel-art visuals, the game also has an emotional tone.

The types and numbers of coins you acquire and the choices you make while playing the game by clicking the choice button will impact your life and look.

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Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG 

To settle your parents’ debt and pursue happiness, you decided to go to Citampi. But you also discovered a lot more there! In this anime-style pixel art game, you will discover your character’s unique and beautiful tale.

Numerous tasks to do! In these virtual reality games, you can cultivate fruit and vegetables in your little farm or garden, locate stuff to scavenge, adopt a pet animal, look for treasures, catch fish, and make things. 

Bitlife Simulator

In this narrative simulation, locate every story and cut-scene for your character and every resident of Citampi. Learn about each character’s unique life story and colourful personality as you get to know them and assist them in their daily lives.

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 Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World

In the fascinating 3D world of Avakin Life, you can transform into whoever you’ve always wanted to be. You can decide your appearance by choosing attire, accessories, and style.

In Avakin Life, the players do not need a career; instead, you can select an avatar, go shopping for clothes, acquire your ideal house in the game, and travel to any of the game’s exotic places. Avakin also has a chat feature in this simulation game that lets you communicate with other players worldwide.

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  Dream Zone: Interactive Story

Dream Zone features an exhilarating interactive storybook and a dating simulator. Choose a story, then develop a character. You can flirt, look for true love, and be in a committed relationship.

In Dream Zone, you get to choose your route. You can change your identity in Dream Zone to become the youngest billionaire, a rising vlogging sensation, a global champion, or even a renowned scientist.

 From Zero To Hero: Cityman

Cityman has a straightforward interface and is simple to play with.

You start as a jobless man who has to improve his financial situation in this game.


You progress in the game as you decide on several options regarding your relationships, profession, and schooling.

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 Idle Life Sim

You can choose from various appearances for your characters and many jobs and life options in Idle Life Sim. The game’s purpose is to make strategic choices to develop your character and achieve success.

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Virtual Families

A paid game available on Google Playstore, created by Last Day of Work, LLC. “Virtual Families” allows you to acquire a randomly created character and build a virtual family, as the name implies. The adopted character has a place of residence in the game. 

You can assist him in locating employment, a romantic partner, and ultimately, a marriage and children. The game resumes where you left off even after your smartphone is turned off. When virtual figures have children, you may follow their development, assist the entire family with their careers and health, and pass the family home from one generation to the next.

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Streamer Sim Tycoon

A light-hearted, simple game similar to Bitlife Simulator where you must make strategic choices to develop your avatars and achieve success. Start small and modestly improve your lifestyle to see measurable advancements in your career and personal goals. Make changes to your straightforward existence by seizing possibilities. 

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What are the different types of simulators?

There are many more types of simulators available now, including games that simulate working in the medical field, making cars, raising animals, and more. Farming Simulators may be the most popular simulator games. You get to assume the job of a content farmer here.

What are the best flight simulation games on Google Play?

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free is unique. In this game, your tasks include completing time-sensitive tasks, managing fire in the middle of a mountain range, and successfully landing on a small airfield (


Being able to control everything in life is a dream come true. Sadly, this is not possible. Many aspects of our lives are beyond our control, and we must accept this and go on.

And because of that, many of us enjoy playing android games that give us power control. Such games allow us to experience something we do not get to experience in real life. 

With games similar to Bitlife simulator mentioned above, you can find the love of your life, get married, start a family, and further your education along the road. You create a new character, control the growth, and make crucial choices shaping the storyline. Happy playing, guys!

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